I'm currently teaching

  • Im on sabbatical leave

Previous & alternating courses

  • B-AI/B-MI - Interface & Interactiondesign
  • B-AI - Object-oriented Programming
  • B-MI/AI - Ubiquitous Computing
  • M-AI - Maker's Lab
  • M-AI - Wearable Computing
  • M-AI - Qualitative Research Methods

Project Supervision

  • WS19/20 - SS20: M-AI - PlayMe: Learn About Emotions Through Tangible Storytelling
  • SS20 - WS20/21: M-AI - Social interaction paradigms while social distancing
  • SS20: B-MI - Interaction & design concept for a digital classroom
  • WS20/21 - SS21: M-AI - Enhancement of voice chat messaging (in collaboration with Wayvs)
  • SS21: B-MI - University Podcast
  • SS20: B-AI - Design concept & prototype of a smart candle

Student Advising and Mentorship

Master Advisees/Committees

  • Vanessa Cobus, Design of avatars for motivational support of daily activities, 2014
  • Tobias Schwerdtfeger, Situation Aware Table, 2015
  • Matthias Esser, MoodBox: Sharing moods and activities between distant living families, 2016
  • Maren Steinkamp, Contextual Assesments and Biomarker in Agitation Prediction for ADHD Patients, 2018
  • Frederik Scharnowski, Development of an electronic Making-Toolkit for children, 2019
  • Jacob Sietas, Automatic detection of anomalies in hospital billing, 2020
  • Simon Hauck, Neuroevolution with MPI: Analysis and optimization of NEAT, 2020
  • Florian Reitberger, Identification and analysis of myoelectric signals for gesture control in human-computer interaction, 2021
  • Ken Blumenthal, Automated GUI tests with focus on performance criteria using the example of a desktop application, 2021
  • Arne Baumann, Development of a software for the visualization of work processes and the automation of the relevant internal logistics with the methodology of a human-centered design, 2021
  • Ann-Karolin Lache, "Please use the Cheat Sheet" - A study on the usuability effects of cryptographic APIs by using a cheat sheet, 2021
  • Florian Jann, Social robots as assistance in child care - necessary requirements and potential, 2021
  • Sven Tietgen, Guck mit Joy: requirements and conceptualization of a technology-mediated transition to non-screen time for preschoolers, 2021
  • Hajar Ali, Automatic classification of sensitive topics from diaries to support privacy in therapy sessions, 2021
  • Susanna Krämer, Conceptual elaboration of gamification in collaboration platforms, 2021
  • Florian Bieck, Interaction design of collaborative web applications in digital audio production, 2021
  • Yannik Petersen, Interactive stories to promote emotional development and reading motivation in children, 2022
  • Marie Fock / Timo Kramer, Development of a digital-cooperative interaction concept for training reading comprehension of preschool and primary school children, 2022

Bachelor Advisees/Committees

  • Tjado Ihmels, Electrooculography for the prediction of restlessness in ADHD patients, 2019
  • Dennis Marschner, Social time machine - Shared picture-diary to engage distributed family members in social interaction, 2014
  • Bucket Akin, Evaluation of a mobile application for preventive health care (AOK Vorsorge-App), 2019
  • Momme Ritthoff, How do carrier manager rate capacity? The way to identify ranking criteria, 2021
  • David Bielenberg, Methods for developing design prototypes of mixed reality applications, 2021
  • Chris Koppatscheck, Development of a procedural system for character animation in dialog situations in the context of a digital game, 2021
  • Henrik Tallen, Memory performance under spatial presence in virtual reality, 2021
  • Robin Grebe, Customizable motion detection as an interaction model in virtual reality, 2021
  • Sasha Wrage, Conceptual design and development of a VR-editor for individualization within architectural applications, 2021
  • Kristina D'Alessio, Design and evaluation of the user experience of a digital guest brochure, 2022


  • Hatice Şahin, Heart Rate Variability on Response Inhibition Tasks, 2019
  • Annabel Rothschild, FeelsLike: an Application to Increase Connectivity and Empathy Between Long-Distance Partners, 2019
  • Alban David Becker, Web-based IoT application server, 2020