Flensburg University of Applied Science

  • SS20 – B-AI/MI – Object-oriented Programming
  • SS20 – B-MI – Ubiquitous Computing
  • SS20 – M-AI – Wearable Computing
  • SS20 – M-AI – Masters Project: PlayMe – Learn About Emotions Through Tangible Storytelling

  • WS19/20 – B-AI/B-MI – Interface & Interactiondesign
  • WS19/20 – M-AI – Makers Lab
  • WS19/20 – M-AI – Masters Project: PlayMe – Learn About Emotions Through Tangible Storytelling

University Oldenburg

  • Assistant lecturer: Human-Computer Interaction, Master (2019)
  • Assistant lecturer: Interactive Systems, Bachelor (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Assistant lecturer: Human-Computer Interaction Lab, Master (2014, 2016, 2019)
  • Teaching assistant: Wearable Computing Lab, Master (2014)

Bremen Universtiy of Applied Science

  • Assistant lecturer: Web applications and Databases, Bachelor (2014)

Student Advising and Mentorship

Master Advisees/Committees

Frederik Scharnowski, University of Oldenburg, Topic: Development of an electronic Making-Toolkit for children, 2019

Maren Steinkamp, University of Oldenburg, Topic: Contextual Assesments and Biomarker in Agitation Prediction for ADHD Patients, 2018

Matthias Esser, University of Oldenburg Topic: MoodBox: Sharing moods and activities between distant living families, 2016

Tobias Schwerdtfeger, University of Oldenburg Topic: Situation Aware Table, 2015

Vanessa Cobus, University of Oldenburg Topic: Design of avatars for motivational support of daily activities, 2014

Bachelor Advisees/Committees

Tjado Ihmels, University of Oldenburg, Topic: Electrooculography for the prediction of restlessness in ADHD patients, 2019

Dennis Marschner, University of Oldenburg Topic: Social time machine – Shared picture-diary to engage distributed family members in social interaction, 2014


Hatice Şahin, University of Oldenburg, Topic: Heart Rate Variability on Response Inhibition Tasks, 2019

Annabel Rothschild, University of Oldenburg, Topic: FeelsLike: an Application to Increase Connectivity and Empathy Between Long-Distance Partners, 2019